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My young daughter was frustrated with sending Saturdays with her grandma not because she did't like spending time with her grandma but because grandma was on a mission do family research at The National Archives at Kew "Every Week!" and spending two hours on a tube and 4 hours sitting in a dusty research library (although she like all the photo copying)

One day she came back Kew and said she was bored with going to the same place every time she saw grandma and you're in computers dad can't you help grandma with her family tree so i don't have to go to Kew?

So early in 2002 I started building a family tree of all my mums known relatives around 134 as i remember and we knew all of them, when i showed it to my mum she said she was shocked with the amount of detail it contained dates and places of birth, marriage and death, newspaper clippings, cemetery photos, translations of forgne texts   


Phil Silverstone from Philadelphia

Are you researching the Silverstone family

As a fellow researcher you will understand the "BRICK WALL" So when I was handed a photograph of a handsome young man in his 20`s taken around the 20`s / 30`s. you can imagine how excited I was especially when on the back it says "Phil Silverstone from Philadelphia cousin to mum and Aunty Etty"

Phil Silverstone from Philadelphia

I have spent several hours researching this family name and as yet made no connections with a silverstone family that was in Philadelphia around that time

Mum was my grandma Faye Donofsky her mother was Rachel/Rouchal. To be honest Rachel is a bit of an enigma. She went by several names Cohen, Zietman and Donofsky she may have had a brother called David. From what I was told she went from Warsaw, Poland (possibly 82 Grzybowska, Warsaw) to England in 1908.

The photo was given to me by an aunt who was given it many years ago by Aunty Etty,

I have posted it on my website so that someone researching their SILVERSTONE family may recognise phil and get back to me.

It´s s along shot I know but the brick wall is a hard place.

Thanks for looking.

russell@vaughanfamilytree (dot)

This is Adriennes side of our familytree


My Llanelli by Channah Hirsch


Written by Channah Hirsch.

Channah wrote her memoirs about growing up in Llanelli. Her memories bring to life what it was like growing up in Llanelli, her family, friends and neighbours are all described. Channah is a grand daughter of Marks (Mordachai) Berman. His son Jacob Berman the 2nd eldest of six siblings moved to Wales in the early 1900's 

Channah and her Brothers and sister grew up at a time the Jewish community in Wales was growing it's own unique identity.
The book is privately published and profits will be donated to charity 

For further details the publisher


This is Russell's side of the tree.

I am the driving force behind the research contained here, my original goals have changed since we started learning about our family history and you can see the results here.

on the left you will see links to the different branches that link us together.

Here is my ancestor tree

+--2. Maurice VAUGHAN{+} (b.1934-Sheffield St Hospital,London,England d.1997-Barnet,Ldn)
| | +--6. Isaac ROSENGARTEN (b.1840-Austro-Hungarian Galicia d.1890)
| | +--5. Lazarus ROSENGARTEN (b.1868-Austro-Galicia d.1932-St Peters Hospital)
| | +--4. Chaim Isaac ROSENGARTEN (b.1890-Sokolniki,Austria d.1946-Hackney Hospital)
| | | | +--6. Chaim GOLDFARB (b.1849-Austro-Hungarian Galicia d.1890)
| | | +--5. Cyna GOLDFARB (b.1869-Austro-Hungarian Galicia d.1918-Bow Institution)
| | | +--6. Frimera/Frymeta (b.1850 d.1893)
| +--3. Zena ROSENGARTEN (b.1920-Royal Free Hospital d.1992-Royal Devon and Exeter)
| | +--6. Elias SAKLOVITZ (b.1830-Minsk,Lithuania d.1910)
| | +--5. Simon BERMAN (b.1867-Ivyanyets,Minsk d.1946-5 Basire Street,Islington)
| | | +--6. Easther (b.1831-Minsk,Lithuania d.1891)
| +--4. Leah BERMAN (b.1890-Brady St Buildings d.1965-Hackney Hospital,Homerton)
| | +--6. Isaac BERMAN (b.1844 d.1924)
| +--5. Kitty BERMAN (b.1866-Minsk d.1945-5 Basire Street,Islington,London)
1. Russell David VAUGHAN (b.1961-Queen Charlottes Hospital,Hammersmith London,UK)
| +--5. Perez BERNSTEIN (b.1855-Dvinsk,Latvia d.1905-Dvinsk/DAUGAVPILS,Latvia)
| +--4. Hyman BERNSTIEN (b.1879-DAUGAVPILS,Divinsk,Latvia d.1942-Bethnal Green)
| | +--5. Lily ZEITMANN (b.1857-DAUGAVPILS,Latvia d.1907-DAUGAVPILS,Latvia)
| +--3. Percy BURNS (b.1907-Whitechapel,UK d.1981-Edgware,Middx)
| | | +--5. Walter ZISKIND (b.1859 d.1900-Russia)
| | +--4. Yetta ZIMMER (b.1880-Lithuania ? d.1959-Wandsworh,London)
| | +--5. ZiskindWife UNKNOWN
+--2. Barbara Daphne BURNS (b.1937-Stoke Newington,London,England)
| +--4. Joseph DONOFSKY (b.1881-Poland or Russia d.1976-Unknown where)
+--3. Fanny DONOFSKY (b.1908-Poland,Warsaw d.1979-Harrow,Middlesex)
| +--5. Feivel ZEITMAN (b.1870 d.1934)
+--4. Rachel ZEITMAN (b.1890-Warsaw,Poland d.1963-London,England)
+--5. Unknown COHEN (d.1895-Warsaw,Poland - Needs Proving)
Russell Vaughans ancestry